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Top 10 HVAC Solution Companies - 2020

In today’s building arena, indoor comfort has become a top-priority for efficient building management and owing to the emerging innovations in HVAC systems, people can stay in the comfort of an indoor facility irrespective of external climactic conditions.

Delving deeper into the tech-driven advancements, HVAC vendors are offering IoT-enabled solutions to assist managers in monitoring and adjusting thermostats remotely using mobile applications. Additionally, with the development of newer and more cutting-edge sensors, HVAC systems can now diagnose and send a report to management about any malfunctions automatically. Current HVAC systems also leverage data analytics to track performance and build maintenance strategies that ensure zero down-time and continuous operations.

At the same time, as the construction and building management arena witness a surge in innovative HVAC systems, the sector is also experiencing a mushrooming of consulting and services firms that provide installation and integration services. With these services, HVAC technicians and building managers alike can enhance the performance as well as improve the efficiency of usage and maintenance processes of their deployments, thereby ensuring that their customers gain a positive ROI.

In this edition of Construction Tech Review features companies that are forefront of offering innovative HVAC solutions and services. Construction Tech Review’s editorial board has assessed and shortlisted some of the prominent organizations in the industry that solve challenges by implementing the current technological trends in the space. Through this special edition, we present to you Construction Tech Review’s, “Top 10 HVAC Solutions Providers – 2020.”

    Top HVAC Solution Companies

  • A leading manufacturer of a comprehensive line of heating and cooling solutions

  • Davisware offers software solutions to help service-oriented organizations, contractors, distributors, and manufacturers streamline, manage, scale their business

  • RenewAire products represent the final step in energy efficient building and sustainable design. As commercial buildings and homes have become more airtight, the need for energy efficient ventilation has become increasingly important. RenewAire is uniquely qualified to provide this critical indoor component. The company promotes the use of outdoor air to be brought inside the built environment, which today is extremely tightly enclosed for energy conservation. Following the Disability-Adjusted Life Year (DALY) metric, RenewAire compares an individual’s current life expectancy against an idealized one in which the individual is in perfect health and lives to the standard life expectancy, and leverages this information to achieve better quality of air indoors

  • TIGERFLOW Systems, a Dallas-based company with engineering experts in mechanical, electrical, and software design provide a complete solution for HVAC packages. Specializing in engineering water pumping solutions to meet the world’s needs, TIGERFLOW strives to be the supplier of choice for pumps, systems, and fluid handling solutions in North America. The uniqueness of TIGERFLOW stems from its 35 years of rich experience in providing expertise and engineering support to design, layout, and model HVAC pumping components such as hydronic systems, heat transfer packages, chilled and cooling water units. Also, the company is focused on developing standard or semi-standard products and subassemblies to reduce the fabrication time, while increasing the quality control by repeatability

  • CleanAlert


    CleanAlert, LLC was founded in 2005 to commercialize technology developed by Dr. Jacob Fraden, primary inventor of the Thermoscan ear thermometer, holder of over 40 patents and author of the widely-used textbook, Handbook of Modern Sensors. We seek to provide solutions for a wide variety of airflow applications. CleanAlert's innovative technology is significantly more robust and cost-effective than other airflow measurement products currently on the market

  • enVerid Systems

    enVerid Systems

    enVerid is committed to improving energy efficiency and indoor air quality in buildings worldwide through its innovative, award-winning HVAC Load Reduction® (HLR®) solutions. HLR technology enables immediate capital cost savings on new HVAC systems and provides up to 40% energy savings and superior indoor air quality. Deployed in nearly 10 million sqf of commercial, academic, and government buildings, enVerid’s HLR technology is ASHRAE-compliant, LEED-compliant, and eligible for utility rebates

  • Metal-Fab


    Founded in 1958, Metal-Fab has established itself as the leader in the residential and commercial ventilation industry. The company principal beliefs have always been simple… offer our customers the very best products available and deliver those products faster than anyone else.This philosophy has served us well, and Metal-Fab is recognized as a leader in the industries we serve. We remain a family-owned business, and our independence is an important factor in the superior service we provide our customers

  • Navien


    An official ENERGY STAR® partner of the Residential Water Heater Program, Navien is the recognized leader in condensing technology. The company name is derived from three words: Navigator / Energy / Environment, with a mission to provide customers with the ultimate comfortable living environment through energy efficient products by using innovative technology to create a healthier environment for our future generations. Navien products are available in the United States and Canada through a selected network of wholesale distributors

  • North Park Innovations Group

    North Park Innovations Group

    North Park Innovations Group, Inc. is the high-tech product lines that were originally part of the company Stride Tool Inc. North Park Innovations now includes the iManifold and iConnect product lines, all cloud services, and our industrial training units. We are headquartered in Ellicottville, a rural ski town in western New York State (45 miles south of Buffalo, New York.) "Offers innovative product lines that include iManifold diagnostic platform and iConnect Training Units with curriculum, focused on bringing accuracy and efficiency to the HVAC-R industry"

  • Polygon


    Polygon is a major worldwide player in property damage control, providing solutions to prevent, control and mitigate all kinds of property damage. The basis for our success is our 4,500 committed employees, guided by a strong corporate culture. Polygon delivers customer-centric temporary climate solutions to control climate conditions inside the construction projects

  • Service Fusion

    Service Fusion

    Service Fusion helps service companies win repeat customers through technology that adds a little WOW to everything they do. Currently servicing over 3,500 companies across a variety of field service industries including HVAC, plumbing, electrical, appliance repair, IT services, A/V & smart home automation. It enable small to mid-sized field service companies to be more competitive with better customer, estimate and job management tools, automated voice and text notifications, easier scheduling and billing as well as mobile field worker and customer apps

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